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BREAKING NEWS MicroMania Midget Wrestling will be starting our 2nd Tour tonight. Now this gives MicroMania Fans more chances to see our show with 2 Tours operating at the same time. That’s half the size twice the fun, The Tours will feature 3 of the top Midget Wrestlers & Lucha Libre Legends El Torito , Octagoncito, & Tsuky.

The show will also feature popular MicroMania Superstars Dylan Michaels ,25 Cent, Mason Sensation, Lil Carlton aka Mini God, MicroMania Divas Chica Chicana, Tiffany Payne, Shytayla, from Little Women New York Trixie Dynamite, and Battling Bombshells such as Datura, Scarlett Rose, & Gem Gemini, Stay up on our schedule on our Facebook

If your 5 ft and below and looking to join the MicroMania Tour contact us today. We are the Biggest Little Show in the USA

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